Monday, September 8, 2008

My Favorite Pen

This Rotring Core Rubidium with an XL nib is surprisingly my current favorite pen. It uses cartridges instead of converters, and slurps up ink like a thirsty camel. So I stocked up on Inoxcrom cartridges, which surprisingly (and thankfully) fits this baby. This beauty is the fourth on my budding collection of fancy fountain pens, my first German, and my third red.

I am surprised that it has become my favorite writer because even if I collect them, I rarely use my fountain pens for everyday writing. My everyday, anyday writers are my 3-color Pilot G2 .5 set with some of the other gels (Uni Ball, Dong-A, Faber Castell, etc.) in my pen roll. I had always been faithful to my gels. This one, however, gave me something else: an instant connection the moment I inserted the cartridge with blue ink. And though it guzzles down ink like a leaking faucet, I just love its fat, broad, wet streak when I write with it. And perhaps its ergonomic grip, or the bright red of its barrel?

What is amusing is the fact that when I purchased this pen, I was meaning to buy another Rotring, the 600. But the store has ran out of them, and so I got what fancied my eye: The Rubidium.

And we had since been inseparable. At least for now.

Below are photos of how I wrote using my Rubidium.

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  1. Anonymous11:37 PM

    rubidium is the coolest element ever!!!!