Sunday, September 7, 2008

My Fountain Pens

I really do not know how I got into the hobby of fountain pen collecting. I know I have always preferred gel pens and ballpoints for my everyday writing. Perhaps my interest in getting more of these interesting pens started when my sister-in-law Jelyn gave me a Parker Vector a few years back. It was an interesting gift but not interesting enough that I kept the pen but didn't use it.

Months later, I went to attend a writing class and felt the urge to use the pen so I finally inked it and used it during our writing exercises.

My Parker Vector and my first bottle of Quink black.

Later on, when I got interested in buying Moleskine notebooks, I also became interested in getting more fountain pens. But I have just moved into my apartment and money had to go elsewhere and so I could not afford to add more to the Vector to start a collection. It was only until early this year when I was able to get another, a blue Inoxcrom Vivaldi. Even that cannot be considered a 'serious' pen by purists. Then again, I cannot collect vintage pens now. Not yet. So I focused on the 'fancy' types of fountain pens, especially the ones from Inoxcrom and Rotring.

Here are my Inoxcrom Vivaldis. The blue one has my name engraved on its barrel. I'll get the pink one later on to complete the trio.

And then two Saturdays ago, I went malling with a friend and got myself these three. (Yes, I got three fountain pens in a day.)

Top to bottom: My Rotring Core Rubidium, a red Inoxcrom Vivaldi, and a P-200, another Inoxcrom. Among the three, only the Rubidium has been inked.

Above are my five fountain pens. I'll be getting more later. More reds, more blues, more... Yellows? Greens? Basta more...


  1. Hi! Nice blog you got here! :)

    I was wondering if you could tell me where I could buy refill cartridges for my Inoxcrom fountain pen. I've looked almost everywhere but I haven't had much luck. :(

    Thank you!!! :)


  2. Hi Isay! You can get Inoxcrom cartridges from the Inoxcrom kiosks at National Bookstore outlets. If they are out of stock, Office Warehouse sells Schneider cartridges. Schneider cartridges can also fit into your Inoxcrom pen. Hope this helps.:) Sorry for the late response.

    1. Wow!! Thank you so much for the info! Been looking everywhere :o

    2. Wow! Thank you! Been looking everywhere.