Monday, October 20, 2008

New Notebooks and... More Pens!!!

Woohoohoo!!! I got new notebooks, and... ta-da! More pens!!!

My collecting habit is currently centered on notebooks and pens. (Rest muna sa toy trucks and shotglasses.) Thanks to my friends who love to spoil me rotten with gifts and pasalubong stuff when they travel within or out of the country. And now here are new notebooks and pens on my stash:

An 'Eagle' notebook, ring-bound with indexed pages and colored dividers. What makes it a winner is the inside pages, which are 250 leaves worth of lined, white, and smooth 80gsm paper.

Coming all the way from Hanoi, Vietnam (left) and Bogor, Indonesia (right), these two are instant favorites. The one from Hanoi has lined (or ruled) inside pages that are staple-bound on the spine. The cute little one from Bogor, however, has plain (unlined/unruled) inside pages and has a cloth-wrapped cover with intricate beadwork. See photo below for a more detailed view.

And here are my Schneider Zippis on my Molie. Whoever bought these for me got all the available barrel designs from Office Warehouse. Schneider pens are affordable and inexpensive but indeed they are very dependable and durable that the green one here instantly went into my pool of "everyday writers" after inking it. The rest of the lot are "uninked", together with my other "virgin" FPs, waiting for their turn to be "inked" and to bleed or glide smoothly on paper.

Here are my Zippis on the Eagle notebook. Now I have green, orange, and pink fountain pens.

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