Monday, October 13, 2008

New Pens

My new pens are here!!!

Here are my new Schneider pens, coming from the Calligraphy set promised by a friend to me as "payment" after I fixed her phone the other week. The set has two fountain/calligraphy pens with 1.1mm and 1.5mm nibs and two ink cartridges. After opening the pack, I tried using the 1.1 nib and below is the product: Khalil Gibran's Joy and and Sorrow from the Prophet. The poem is part of a project I am currently on: handwriting selected poems from The Prophet, including some of my own sketches, and then bind the pages myself later. I'll post pics as soon as I'm done.

And since my friend is in a "Christmasy" mood, she also got me two more pens and a set of Slider ballpens. Not bad, eh? I wonder if she has more stuff at home that needs fixing. Maybe she'll pay me with a Pelikan Souveran later on. Wahaha!!!

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