Tuesday, February 10, 2009


A friend from Fountain Pen Network - Philippines recently introduced me to my new passion: Postcrossing. Postcrossing is a project that allows anyone to exchange real postcards (not electronic) from anywhere in the world that can be reached by postal mail. As a start, one must register in their website, postcrossing.com. Once registered, a user can request for a maximum of five addresses (postcard recipients) from Postcrossing's member database. Each address has a unique code for identification later on. The user then mails the postcards. As soon as the recipients get the postcards, they will register the code in the system to signify that they have already received it. The new user then becomes eligible to receive his/her own postcards from other Postrossing members. Easy, right?

I never thought I'd spend more than a hundred pesos (~$2) in postcards. But because of this exciting project, B and I trooped to the nearest NBS last Saturday and picked a couple of postcards. I mailed my first batch of five this morning, and they're going to Belgium, Finland, Germany, Russia, and the USA. Oh, how exciting it is to send postcards to complete strangers from faraway countries, and later, to receive the ones sent to me by other members too.

The first batch of postcards I mailed today.

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