Monday, February 23, 2009

My Upcoming Pens

Amidst everyday's chaos, life's persistent worries, and the depressing darkness inside the tunnel, these lovely things came along like the brightest sunshine after a storm, a rainbow, another Christmas morning...

[UPDATE: YOU know what hell I've been going through, and my pens and notebooks helped a lot to keep me sane, grounded, functional, composed, calm, and reasonable; along with YOUR support, understanding, care, and lots of wisdom, humor, hugs, and cups of hot Milo!]

These two pens are coming to me all the way from Dr. Butch Dalisay's stash of vintage fountain pens, and I just couldn't wait for them to arrive! Both have F nibs, but these are vintage pens from the 1960's, and I simply could not resist them the moment I saw them on Sir Butch's Flickr page.

(Photo and description from Sir Butch.) This is a Superior 330 pen from the '60s, gold-plated cap, gold F nib, aerometric filler, looks like a Parker 61 copy. No country of origin but very likely an early version of the Chinese Hero 330. Excellent to near-mint, no dings or scratches.

(Photo and description from Sir Butch.) This one is a Lamy Ratio 47 from the '60s, burgundy red with stainless steel cap, piston filler, very good condition. Inscribed "K.L.M." Gold F-to-XF nib. No dings or scratches. Piston filler works great (can be seen in ink-view window).

Also coming next week are my two LAMY Safaris, a Special Summer Edition White and a Limited Edition Lime Green coming all the way from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia courtesy of a kind friend who volunteered to get them to me for free. (Salamat may mga kaibigan akong mababait.) The Summer Edition Lamy goes to my stash of white pens, it will be my second white fountain pen, and the fourth white-barreled pen after the Parker Jotter and Cross ballpoint. The Limited Edition Lime Green pen may be a starter for a future collection, who knows?

Summer Edition White Lamy Safari. Mine has a Medium nib.

And this is the Limited Edition Lime Green Lamy Safari. I've had the opportunity of using one last December when I tried Sir Chito's during our Pen Meet at the Dome. My upcoming Lamy may be a "panganay" to a future collection of green-barreled pens. Like its white brother, this one will come in Medium. I get fountain pens with Medium nibs as a minimum requirement because I find my penmanship ugly when I use Fine nibs. But the two vintage pens are exception to this rule. Who knows I may learn to write better using a Fine-nibbed fountain pen?

Gee, I'll be swamped with pens next week, but I could't complain. I won't. Why should I? I've been blessed with so much already... Pens, notebooks, toys, and otherwise. *Wink.*

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