Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pens + Notebooks = Things New and Wonderful

I have new pens... *Grin.* And I got new notebooks... *Grin.*

I wrote about my upcoming pens in my 23 February post. I was so excited about the four pens that I wrote about them even before I got hold of them. The vintage pens came within the week, thanks to Sir Butch Dalisay's prompt mailing and to LBC's efficiency. Just in time before my Dusit Thani workshop the week after, where I learned that I won't have the Lamys, yet, which is sad. They're out of stock, and have been like that for the last three or four months, according to my friends from Malaysia who scoured the shops in KL for me. But they assured me they will send the pens as soon as they are available.

Then again, as the old saying goes, lose some, win some. Huh? *Grin.* No Lamys from KL, but I got new pens from India! Yipee-yey!!! The same afternoon I learned the sad news about the Lamys, I was at the lobby of Dusit Thani when my Indian friend B handed me a brown bag with four pens straight from New Delhi. Huwow!!! I got four new pens!!! They have separate boxes, complete with their own converters and two short ink cartridges. My gifts are two Montex fountain pens (pink and green), a green Chelpark Moti, and a red/maroon Camlin Trinity. The Montex pens have plastic nib protectors and their nibs are very unique. (The pink one went to someone else, of course.) The Chelpark and Camlin both have brushed silver caps and plastic barrels, but all pens write well, very smooth, and very wet! But that is how exactly I like my pens to be. I love broad, wet pens!

New pens. From left: Parker Vector (F) from NBS Glorietta; Vintage pens: Superior 330 (F), Lamy Ratio 47 (XF); Pens from India: Camlin Trinity (F), Chelpark Moti (F); Pens from Corona: Youth 208 (both F, the teal and green ones), Hero 332 (F-M), Hero 442 (F), Youlian (F); and Pens from Cardinal: Hero 330 (XF), and Wing Sung (F).

The same week, on a stroll at Glorietta after a full day's workshop session, I passed by NBS and saw a white Parker Vector. I had to get that pen! And get it I did, together with a box of Parker Quink Ruby cartridges. I rushed back to my hotel room and wrote a whole page letter with my new white pen inked with Ruby. Amazing! But oh, I forgot that I was supposed to get dinner at Superbowl on that stroll, too, but because it was getting late already, I went to Wendy's instead (which is just across the hotel) and got myself a chili con carne and bacon mushroom melt. Whoa.

Two weeks after, we went to Sta. Cruz, Manila to visit Escolta. On our way there, we missed the stop to Escolta and ended up in Recto. Raffy, a fellow fountain pen collector, helped us via text messaging to go around the area and scour those bookstores selling Youth, Hero, Pilot, Lamy, and Wing Sung pens. Lucky we missed the Escolta stop. Our first store was Corona, where I got five pens: Hero 332 and 442, two Youth 208s (green and teal), and a Youlian pen. They also have a couple of Lamys but I did not buy any when I saw the ugly ink stains on their nibs. Napangitan ako bigla. I also got myself a Waltex 3x folding magnifier for closeups of my pens' nibs and also for my stamps. A few steps further and we were at Cardinal (which sadly closed a week after we were there), where I got a brushed metal Wing Sung and a Hero 330, which is exactly a modern version of the vintage Superior 330 from Sir Butch. They also have Pilot Birdies, and several Parkers. Our last bookstore/pen store was Merriam across FEU, but I didn't get any of their Sheaffers because they were too pricey for me.

Earlier on, I got lucky to have two Paperchase journals from Booksale. Booksale people said these notebooks are limited, so I'm really lucky to have gotten hold of two. For fountain pen users like I am, it is important that the notebooks and paper we use are friendly to our pens and their inks. Luckily, the Paperchase notebooks are super fountain pen friendly! I wrote on it with my pens, beginning with the finest to the broadest, including my calligraphy pens, and there was no feathering at all! There were minor signs of bleed though, but that's expected with medium and broad nibs like the ones from my Rotring 600 (B) and Schneider Base (M). The paper is white, smooth, and ruled wider than that of my Moleskine's, but that's okay, too. I'd need that if I am to use my medium- and broad-nibbed pens.

My Paperchase notebooks: looks elegant with their black leather cover. Like Moleskines, they also have lovely bookmarkers.

The inside pages of the notebook: white, large-ruled, fountain pen-friendly!

And just last weekend, another strike of luck came by while I was browsing shops at SM, where I found this Eagle notebook at Office Warehouse, the same place where I get my Schneider pens. Again, it's fountain pen friendly, but the best thing about it is its wire binding. And it's got an elastic band too. This notebook comes in A5 and a bigger version which is best for sketching despite its ruled pages.

Eagle notebook: 80 pages of ruled, white, smooth, fountain pen-friendly paper!

I tried writing on it and here's a sample page with scribbles of my fountain pens.


  1. Anonymous11:36 AM

    Just this week I followed your Recto quest (which personalgeographic also suggested) and found the pens you got from Corona. The Youlian pen is a Tiantan 219. Also got something called a Temple of Heaven 753. Wish I knew about this two years ago so I could've visited Cardinal before it closed.

    Any idea where I can find that Hero 330 and Wing Sung? I am now a fan of Hero pens.

  2. Hi, John! Thank you for reading my blog. Recto is truly a mine of treasures. :) I am not sure where one can get the same Wing Sung and the Hero 330 now. I got them from Cardinal and only saw it there. Cardinal closed shop the week after the weekend we visited. Have you tried Conanan? It's also in Recto, but farther away from Corona. Good luck in your search for Hero pens. :)

  3. Anonymous2:44 AM

    Yes, Conanan's was the first Recto stop we made. (I have a partner in my fountain pen adventures.) We found Hero fountain pens we couldn't identify. Mine has an ultramarine colour which I've dubbed "Hero Conanan". This was also where we found the Cattleya pad (which is so hard to find now in Metro Manila).

    My first Hero, a dark green Seventies(?) 329 (I don't know how different it is from the 330), is one of my regulars because it writes so well.

    You said you spotted some Sheaffers in Recto before. Can you remember which shops? I wonder if they're still around.

  4. Freehold: When we were in Recto, we passed by Merriam bookstore, too. We saw a couple of Sheaffers there.