Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Coffee Table of My Dreams

When I told my family I’ll be moving to my own apartment, they were all against it. They said a lot of negative things about living solo but I just reasoned with them that indeed, at this moment in my life, living apart from them is what I needed. And so I moved out.

After moving to my apartment, I tried to get new stuff, though slowly, as I’m being a bit picky. I didn’t want to just hoard stuff for the sake of getting them and so I tried to get not only what I really want but stuff that will also last, not to mention look good inside my home.

The first piece I got is a four-seater dining set. I got the set before a new living room set because I realized I tend to spend more time in the dining area than in the living area. It’s on my dining area where I enjoy writing the most, with a cup of tea or coffee. I also read there, sometimes, or sketch, while something is cooking.

Lately, I’m looking for stuff to fill the living area. There is a large bench there, the one that I had custom-made for me two years ago, and I feel that it needs two tables for company. I think it needs a corner table and a coffee table to give the living area a “homey” look that I’ve been trying to achieve. I’ve found the coffee table I like the most at Scenic Furniture, a place for excellent rustic furniture, and it’s just so beautiful! Its length and width is just perfect, and the fact that this piece is fully handcrafted from the finest tiger maple makes it most special. My only wish is that it could have been a little higher. Its height of 16 inches is quite low for me. Maybe the manufacturers can make this available in different heights, maybe in 16, 20, and 24 inches? There are a lot of coffee tables out there, including one at my parents' house I've been trying to get, but this tiger maple coffee table with the red-brown latewood lines is the one I'll save up to get in the future. For now, I'll do away with a faux ottoman as my corner table.

Who says apartment living isn’t fun? It is.

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