Wednesday, April 22, 2009

DKNY Made My Day

The rains came early. It's only April and while we're supposed to get hot, dry summer yet, we're getting hot, humid summer weather. It's so humid after these summer thunderstorms that being outside can make you sweat heavily like someone poured water over your head. And that's what happened to me yesterday when I happened to go home early after a heavy downpour. I rushed out and was met by humid air and before I got home, I was sweating profusely.

I went to shower as soon as I got home and tried to splash on some cologne to freshen myself up. But the cologne I used was very strong and after I washed myself up again, I craved for something citrusy that will refresh me. Luckily, I had DKNY's Be Delicious Fresh Blossom (review found at this new perfume blog) which is just the perfect scent to wear on a humid afternoon like yesterday's. This perfume blends freshness and brightness from its sprakling mix of different notes from grapefruit, cassis, apricot, muguet, rose, jasmine, apple, blond woods, and smooth skin accord. I felt so refreshed that I was able to clean most of my pens until midnight!

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  1. great post! i like Be Delicious. its perfect for sping/summer