Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I Got Green Pens Too!

I was rummaging through my pen wraps last night looking for a Hero when I realized something: several green pens are peeking out of their slots. Whoa. With six fountain pens and two gel pens, I seem to be getting them faster than those white pens I'm trying hard to build on to a collection. But I'm not complaining. Who knows I may just move on to green pens later when I get my fill of those whities. And these green pens remind me of the green Conway Stewart Dinkie pair I saw at Leigh Reyes' blog yesterday. My pens, are of course worlds different from Leigh's and from those in her collection. *Wink.*


Green pens abound.

From left: Chelpark Moti (Fine, inked with Parker Quink Blue-Black); Inoxcrom Agatha Ruiz de la Prada (Extra Fine, uninked); Hero 332 (Fine to Medium, inked with Private Reserve Copper Burst); Youth 208 (Fine, just cleaned, I also got this in teal); MonAmi Gel Love Pets; Schneider 0.5 XTRA 892; M&G Joy Box (Fine, inked with Waterman South Sea Blue); and Schneider Zippi (Fine, inked with Schneider Black).


  1. hello po.. I was wondering po kung saan nyo nabili yung inoxcrom na pen? thank you po..