Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Little Help with Organization

Saw these plastic organizers at a store recently. I bought several of them but it was only last night that I put them into use.

For my pens...

... and for my inks...

I didn't know I have so many pens!

My inks look like this inside the box. That syringe is what I use to transfer inks into cartridges.

The yellow box has the Camel 'Scarlet Red' ink from India. Below, and clockwise: Parker Blue-Black, Parker Black, Schneider blue and black short cartridges, Waterman South Sea Blue, and Cross Blue.

Here the Camel and Parker boxes are seen clearly.

The left end of the box reveals my Private Reserve inks: Copper Burst and Avocado.

Next to the Private Reserve box are smaller boxes of ink cartridges: Waterman Florida Blue, and Parker Quink Ruby, part of Parker's jewel tone inks.

It's such an excellent way to organize stuff! My pens are in a fresh new home, and my inks are well-organized. I got a separate box for black inks which I hope to build later on. I won't put my fountain pens in these boxes, though, but now I can easily organize my pens, pencils, markers, even my small notebooks, pads, and post-its. *Wink.*


  1. Hello, I found your blog through google searching for pen reviews and what a great site you have. I have been collecting pens for quite some time now but it's just now that I did take it a bit seriously. Do you have any recommendation for fountain pen for newbies? Something that is not expensive but a good one. I do have one Zebra fountain pen, but they're not the type where you put an ink but rather the kind that has a "tube" refill


  2. Hi Tamz! Lamy fountain pens are great starter pens! Thanks a lot for reading my blog!