Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ink Review: Aurora Blue

I've been getting fountain pens for a while now, and I have several bottles of inks with me, including the two Private Reserve inks I got last year. Despite the variety of inks I got, I have not taken the time to write about them, or post reviews.

Last weekend, I got hold of a bottle of Aurora Blue and immediately filled my white Schneider Base pen with it. I tried it on my Moleskine first, then I tried it on another notebook with a completely different paper type, and the result is awesome!

Aurora Blue is one of only two colors manufactured by the Aurora Pen Company. It's not my first taste of Blue, as I also have Cross Blue and two Watermans, the turquoise South Sea Blue and dark Florida Blue, which is very similar to Aurora Blue.

The blue of Aurora has a very intense and rich dark hue with visible tinges of purple but dries as a beautiful blue. It has excellent flow that will work well with different pens. It's already amazing on my Schneider Base because that pen is such a smooth writer. I'm excited to try it on other pens later.

Feathering and bleed are two things I always worry about because I use a Moleskine for journaling. Of course it's a known fact that these notebooks are not the friendliest to fountain pens and their inks. When I tried it on my Molie, the ink did not feather at all, but there is minor bleeding. I then tried it on a different notebook with a different paperstock (shown on the photos above) and I am so happy with the results: no feathering, minor bleed.

Aurora Blue is a happy color for me. I cannot describe it properly, but when I look at my Moleskine pages written with it, the pages just seem to smile at me. And happy is good. Happy pens, happy inks. Happier? Happiest! *Winks.*

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